Thinking Heads

The first strategic consulting company specialized in leader positioning and content programming.We develop influence platforms so that individuals and organizations can operate successfully in the Market of Ideas: that virtual place where thinkers, academics, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, executives, companies and institutions – creators and users of knowledge- go to search for information that enables them to better understand the complex situation in which they function or to find solutions to specific problems.

Thinking Heads TG


We place a wide range of tools at our clients’ disposal, from content programming for events to giving training programs, along with leader positioning, the development of innovative competitive and contextual intelligence products, and the production of mini-talks and other digital content.

Our team develops and structures its clients’ ideas, values, projects and content, boosting its scope and impact and bringing about changes among a strategically-selected audience or society as a whole. That is our aim and we go about achieving it using our own innovative approach and methodology, which make us unique.

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